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5 Tips in Designing an Attractive Exhibition Booth

In designing an interesting exhibition booth there are several elements that must be considered. Why are these elements important to do? because the company that has a stand at an exhibition requires an average of 3 seconds to attract visitors through their booth’s visual display.

Therefore, the company must make good use of the 3 seconds to communicate their main brand message to the exhibition visitors so that they are captivated and come to visit the booth. This can be achieved by using a stand that attracts attention.

For this reason, this article will explain about some design tips that can be applied to the exhibition stand to make it look more attractive, so that the 3 seconds for the consumer can last forever.


1. Composition

What is meant by composition here is the unity between form, color, image and text to form a cohesive look and feel. Some ways that can be taken to get the best composition in the exhibition stand are:

a. Arrangement according to hierarchy
Arrangement of visual elements according to hierarchy means grouping graphic elements according to their importance according to size and clarity. Like for example, an important company logo is required to have a larger size than other complementary elements.

b. Contrast concept
Contrast can be achieved with the use of contrasting colors and contrasting fonts. Colors that have the content can use different types of colors in the color circle (hue) and the different levels of darkness. As for writing, directions can be adjusted from left to right, so that written information can facilitate the flow of visitors’ attention.

c. Point of Interest
Each form of design must have an important point (focal point) to attract attention. The elements of interest here can be in the form of logos, mock ups of products of different sizes as decorations or other design elements that can make visitors interested in the products you offer.


2. Use of color

Color is the most important detail at an exhibition stand, because color has the ability to shape the atmosphere or mood of the room. The combination of colors must be interesting, pleasing and eye catching. Although color must be consistent with the overall stand design, but the color still has to make the sales stand prominent and have harmony. What is meant by harmony here is an attractive color arrangement to shape prospects and visual order at the stand. Try not to apply colors that are too tacky on elements that require short visibility. This color can be used for elements that require far visibility and is intended to attract consumers from afar. Also avoid colors that are too diverse, because the design is not only focused on color but also unity of color with other design elements such as writing, graphics and shapes.


3. Position of Graphic Elements

The size, legibility and purpose of laying out graphic elements, both pictures and writing, are factors that must be considered in placing graphic elements in a stand. Graphic categories can be divided into 3 parts to facilitate the design and layout in an exhibition stand:

a. The main remote graphics located at the stand must be able to read at a distance of approximately 30 meters. This main graph can be a company logo, product brand writing or a picture of the main product that your company offers.

b. The main chart used for the peninsula exhibits type of stand or island exhibits can be placed on a hanging tower or hanging board.

c. For in-line exhibits, graphics can be placed on the top of the canopy, on the back wall and must be displayed at the maximum height allowed by the organizer.


4. Giving Curiosity to Consumers

Along with the development of technology, the possibility to attract the attention of visitors through graphic innovation and technology makes it possible to add.

Humans are visual beings, for that the sophistication of audio visual features such as the use of touch screens and interactive plasma screens can be used at your exhibition stand. Besides that, for your important business data, you can also use charts, graphics, infographics and illustrations that can simplify complex ideas. Graphic images that can be applied to sales stands include:

a. Bold images or text with a simple background can make visuals look clearer and facilitate the achievement of messages
b. Use high resolution images
c. Use pictures of people who do activities, don’t use too many scenery pictures
d. Use music or sound that can attract and comfort visitors, but don’t be too noisy.


5. Branding

Companies that take part in trade shows are very important to showcase your brand character. The character and personality of this brand can be analogous to human characters who have honesty, fairness, friendliness, integrity and commitment to customers.

At the time of planning the exhibition preparation, determine the target of consumer demographics and the advantages of the company brand that can be offered to visitors. That way you can determine your exhibition booth’s visual concept as a binding and tools of communication to the company’s consumers.

When planning branding concepts and stand visualizations, you can use several examples of the following questions;

a. Does your brand include feminine, masculine or for all genders?
b. Who is your target customer? Old, young, teenager or child?
c. Is your company a modern or traditional industry?
d. Is your brand a formal product or entertainment product? , etc.

Some of these questions will lead you to determine the visual stand concept from the use of colors, writing fonts, dominant shapes, additional elements to lighting.

Thus 5 tips for designing an interesting exhibition booth and also read 15 keys of success of participating in an exhibition. Greetings. (Ibm)

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