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Know The Type Of Exhibition Booth That Is Suitable For Your Company & Organization

Exhibition booths or booths are places that are used for promotion by companies, institutions and organizations in an exhibition including shows, exhibitions, fairs, expos, bazaars to cheap markets. Physically, the exhibition booth is a design as a representation of the owner (company, institution, organization, etc.) and serves as the vanguard of marketing. By using a booth, the marketing process that occurs is direct selling of both goods and services.

Booth in an exhibition serves as a promotional place to attract consumers and become a liaison between sellers and buyers. For that, in terms of design, efforts must be made so that the booth or stand looks attractive and makes consumers curious and interested in visiting.

The exhibition contractor is an alternative for business owners who want to build booths with attractive designs in the promotional event at an event or exhibition.

There are various standard booth sizes or stands ranging from 2 square meters to 1000 square meters or more. The wide selection of booths or exhibition stands there are various factors, depending on the needs and activities that will occur in it (for more details you can read in 3 Steps of Preparation Before Designing Booths or Successful Exhibition Stands).

For those of you who own companies, institutions or organizations who want to use exhibition contractor services, it’s good to know some types of booths or stands. That way you can sort and choose what booth or stand will best represent your company. The following is a classification of booths based on appearance, openings, circuit structure and construction design used.


1. Type of exhibition booth according to display :

a. 2D Booth (banner)

Booths or 2D stands generally only use banners or backdrops, there is no room size consisting of length, width and height. Banners used can be in the form of outdoor banners, standing X banners, banner stands that can be drawn, and so on.

b. 3D Booth

Almost all booths or stands in certain exhibitions or events are 3-dimensional stands. This stand has the dimensions of length, width and height that make up space. To form a 3D booth or stand, the minimum component used is a backdrop, a counter and a certain size floor cover.

c. Stage booth

Stage booth is a booth equipped with a stage with a height of several levels higher than the height of the floor, at least 2 levels of stairs. The stage or level used can be both mini and large. This stage or level can function as a place for promotional and entertainment activities to attract consumers. Usually this stage booth is equipped with other components such as backdrop, wing and cover tent depending on their needs.


2. Type of exhibition booth according to openings

The types of booths or exhibition stands are generally divided into 4 types, namely in-line booth, peninsula booth, corner booth and island booth. The in-line stand is limited by 3 partitions on the right, left and back with one side open. the peninsula booth is a booth or stand with 3 open sides. While the stand corner or corner booth is only limited to two sides with two open sides. as the name suggests, this booth is usually located in a corner of a row of stands. For the island booth model, the partition is located in the middle with 4 open sides.

3. Type of exhibition booth according to the circuit structure, materials and design

a. Special plug-in stand (knockdown booth)

Knockdown booths or better known as stand-off booths are booths that can be used repeatedly because they can be stored again after use. This type of booth has fixed design elements such as shelves, counter tables, knockdown backdrops which are included in company assets and will always be used at every event.

b. Booth partition

Partition booth is a stand created by using a series of standard partitions such as partitions with frames (R8 / Maxima shell scheme). This standard partition system uses a knockdown system, but is intended specifically for mass booths and exhibition stands. Its simple form with affordable rent is one of its advantages. But with additional costs we can upgrade this partition booth with a more attractive model.



c. Special-designed booth

Special-designed booth is the first booth concept used by companies participating in exhibitions. This concept is a concept that best meets all the needs of participants in an exhibition or exhibition. Due to the many advantages of prominence obtained by using a special concept of booth design.

Until now, the use of special design concepts is still very much applied by companies when attending an exhibition. Because this concept is the most suitable for a company to attract visitors or other participants in an exhibition.


4. Type of booth according to construction design

a. Membrane

Membranes used for booths or exhibition stands are usually known as tension fabric displays. This construction is in the form of a large cloth and is equipped with aluminum poles on both sides as a support. These membranes are generally illustrated by the design of the company’s representation and into the background of a simple booth that can be equipped with a lamp at the top. While the size used can be adjusted to the size of the stand you have.

b. Pop-up

Generally, pop-up displays are also called pull-ups or portable displays. Almost the same as the membrane, the pop-up also functions as a backdrop for your exhibition booth. But graphically, pop-ups consist of several panels that are hung vertically and then put together to form a larger graphic, not a whole series.

c. Frame system

Frame systems are generally used for large booths and allow for the use of various designs. This system is built using iron or aluminum and has a more durable construction than other booth types. The frame system requires more diverse design stages, such as preparing a special floor to use more varied design elements such as shelves. The frame system can also be used as elements for hanging displays. More values ??can also be added by applying a large screen between the frame systems. The frame system can be used for the type of 3D booth or stage booth.

d. Hybrid

Hybrid construction design is a modern look using a flexible system that is easy to use. This hybrid system is dominated by metal, dye cut panels, LED lights, graphics podium and equipped with counter tables. In general, designs that use hybrid models have a dominant curved line.

Thus information about the types of booths may be useful for you. Greetings. (Ibm)

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